The Impact of Our Mission is Helping Children in Crisis Find Happiness and Lead Independent Lives

Indiana United Methodist Children’s Home has been serving youth in crisis for more than 100 years. The task of reorienting the lives of children and families is highly complex and intensive. Your support allows us to help abused and neglected youth find happiness and grow to lead independent lives. Over the years, thousands of our graduates have become productive members of society. We are proud they are raising families, coaching youth leagues, serving in our military and running companies.

While placed at the Children’s Home, youth live in a therapeutic family-style, non-institutional environment with family teachers and assistant family teachers that have specialized training in the Teaching-Family Model. The Home also includes 24/7 awake coverage and a 1:5 staff to youth ratio with a maximum of 8-10 youth per home. Each youth receives a private, fully furnished bedroom.

The impact of our mission is helping children in crisis find happiness and lead independent lives.  Over the years, our graduates have become productive members of society…raising families…coaching youth leagues, serving in our military and running companies. We are proud that one of our graduates is now employed in our Independent Living program to help our youth fulfill their goals.

Our Timeline

Our Story

Indiana United Methodist Children’s Home, Inc. was organized in 1915 by Miss Angie Godwin, a Methodist Deaconess. With great zeal and ability, she operated a home for orphans in Greencastle, Indiana. In 1922-23, all three conferences of the Methodist Episcopal Church sponsored and endorsed the Home. In 1924, the Home moved from Greencastle to its present location in Lebanon, Indiana. Over the years, many changes have occurred, and the program has developed to meet the needs of the children it serves. The philosophy at Indiana United Methodist Children’s Home, Inc. involves a genuine concern and love for each child. Our multi-faceted treatment program aids youth who cannot cope with the everyday responsibilities of family living.

Today, Indiana United Methodist Children’s Home is an open campus facility with group homes designed to offer services to youth who need a less restrictive setting.

Youth who benefit the most from the services offered by the Home include:

  • Youth who are experiencing difficulties in the educational setting, both academic and/or behavioral.
  • Youth who have a history of alcohol or drug abuse but are not in need of inpatient substance abuse treatment.
  • Youth who have completed inpatient psychiatric or drug/abuse treatment and need transitional placement prior to returning home or being placed in a less restrictive placement (i.e., foster home, independent living).

Our Vision

To enrich the quality of life for children and families through Christian values.

Our Mission

The Indiana United Methodist Children’s Home provides the best opportunities for children and youth to thrive and to achieve permanency in a stable and loving environment.

Core Values


Serving those in need with a caring spirit, regardless of their faith or culture.


Making a lifelong commitment to generosity, integrity, leadership and social justice.


Striving to continually improve services to children and families vested in our care.


Fostering relationships with United Methodist Churches, clergy and our generous donors.