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Can I live here forever?

“Can I live here forever?”

These were some of Cameron’s first words as he was welcomed to our campus in January. Surrounded by his Family Teachers and staff, Cameron showed he was feeling safe and grateful for a warm house and a place to be part of a family. Cameron, now the youngest child on our campus, brought with him a cross necklace that he wore every day.

“My cross was special since a minister from back home gave it to me when I was upset and scared,” he told us.

Like many of the youths placed in our care, Cameron’s life had been chaotic and filled with abuse, fear, disappointment, and uncertainty. Because of you, Cameron and all the youths with us have a safe place to call home and make a remarkable, even miraculous, transformation.

That’s our mission.

As we near spring and the Easter Season, a time of new beginnings, we think of Cameron and all our youths, who are desperate for a second chance at a stable life. Your support helps us give our youth the childhood experiences they deserve. They go to school and church. They eat regular meals in their family style homes and go to fun places with their friends. And as they start to put their past behind them, they don’t feel so abandoned and alone.

They also learn they are loved. Cameron needed to feel love when the cross necklace that was so special to him broke a few weeks ago.

“When it broke, it made me really sad. Then, Pastor Perry (our Spiritual Life Leader) said someone he knew heard my story and they made me a new cross with some beads. Pastor Perry gave it to me last week and I wear it every day. It protects me and it makes me so happy to wear it around my neck,” Cameron told us with a smile.

Cameron’s Easter will be especially meaningful this year.

May you be blessed with our Lord’s love and peace this Easter.

P.S. The children need all of us. It’s never too late for a child to receive a new beginning in life. Your caring concern for children who find themselves in harm’s way through no fault of their own is greatly appreciated.